Shocks! Linta Sa Mata Ng Isang Lalaki Pinagtulungan Ng Kaniyang Mga Kaibigan Para Maalis Ito

They say that small things can cause detrimental and big negative effects. The reason being is that these small things are often disregarded until the time where they created a big problem and because of that their negative effects have been so massive and there’s no turnaround whatsoever. We think this adage applies to all whether it is a problem or creatures, the smaller the size, the more careful we must be.

If you think about it, the scary creatures are those that doesn’t have arms or legs but rather those that crawl in the ground. They can easily crawl, hide or seek cover because of their size, or being the parasite that they are, they can easily attach themselves to a host that they can benefit from. Now, there’s nothing wrong with a give and take relationship, commensalism does exist after all. But most of the times the hosts are unwilling victims who do not know that they are being taken advantage of.

If we want to keep these parasites away, we must always consider our hygiene. It is important for us to have proper hygiene so that these little critters wouldn’t go behind us unknowingly. Start off by always cleaning your bed. These small creatures might hide inside the cushions and in the middle of the night, just as you were sleeping enter your body through openings such as mouth and ears and before you know it, you had already been infected.

It is also important that we schedule a general cleaning and try to keep our spaces as neat as possible. Always remember cleaning might be such a boring thing to do, but it can do wonders and ultimately it’s one of your first line of defense against viruses and bacteria. It also discourages little creatures who like to build their habitats in dirty and grimy places.

If you do not follow these tips, then you might just encounter what this man encountered. In a curious way, a living leech found its way to the man’s eyes out of all body parts. It was the eyes that the leech targeted and it took a number of people and some skillful hands to take out the little creature who is trying its hardest to really hide in the corners of the eyelids while the man sheds uncontrollable tears due to exposure and of course the irritation.

Watch the video and see for yourself what the poor man went through:

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