VIRAL: Android Phone of A Filipina DH Sauteed By An Angered Agency Secretary

Filipinos are known as hospitable and helpful that even foreigners attest to that. We are admired for being strong and despite hardships, still manages to draw a smile on our faces. Typically, being an OFW is a heroic act done for the family. So Filipinos abroad usually help each other to cope up and adjust living miles away. Not only that, in times of dire need, they were the ones who tend to stick to each other to find solace.

However, good sides have its equal bad sides and there’s such thing as “bad egg” in every group of people.

Unfilipino Filipina

A viral post from a Facebook netizen, Elvie Bornales showing a video of how a Filipina secretary of an agency speaking ill of a fellow Pinay OFW named Sheila. The woman in the video is identified as Red Miztah. Miztah is heard bragging about having expensive cellphones such as iPhone and Samsung. What she did next is unacceptable.

Back Story

According to Bornales, Miztah, and Shiela had a misunderstanding. They probably had a problem way back during Shiela’s abroad application process. But then, it is not elaborated in the post. Added to that, Shiela’s cell phone was confiscated by the angered agency secretary. In the video, she dropped the poor Filipina’s Android phone in the sauteed tomato she is cooking after pouring a glass of water on it. She also criticized the woman for having a cheap phone, an Oppo brand.

Poor Filipina

Elvie is in rage because Shiela just loaned the phone in order to have constant communication with her family while she is away. For the woman, it is not right and fair for a fellow OFW to drag one just because they are having problems. What made the situation worse is that Miztah Red allegedly told Shiela’s employer to cage the woman when a mistake is committed. Moreover, Red claimed that the agency they work for isn’t responsible for Shiela wherever and whatever misfortune takes her.

Here what our netizens have to say.

Source : Facebook, pinoythinking
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