VIRAL: Bus conductor punches a passenger who refused to pay his fare

Nowadays, people witnessing a public commotion are quick to document such event. One of the incidents we often see are road incidents where drivers argue with other motorists, traffic enforcers, and more. This time, a ruckus erupted between a bus conductor and a passenger in Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Facebook user Janno Cabatuan shared the footage of the brawl between the two. As seen in the video uploaded, the conductor wearing his blue uniform was facing the passenger in red shirt. Suddenly, the conductor rained hard and solid punches towards the other man.

From the way he aggressively approached the passenger, he clearly channeled how livid he was. According to the uploader, the passenger refused to pay his fare. Not only that, he taunted the conductor which triggered his violent reaction.

Other passengers inside the bus were alarmed from what they witnessed. They shouted warning words with the hope of stopping the brawl. The uploader also indicated that his child was near from getting hit. They were seated close to the spot where the intense fight happened. Some even moved far away from them and crowded near the doors.

Good thing, a brave man stepped between them to end the physical suffering of the unresistant passenger. It was either he did not have the chance to fight back or he refrained himself from fueling his wrath.

Although the concerned passenger successfully separated them, the tension remained between the opposing parties. The video ended without further heated discussion following after it.

For some people, it would seem that the root of the fighting incident was absurd. They could condemn the conductor with the harsh way he handled the situation. On the other side, the passenger may be pitied from the physical damage he earned.

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